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Copyright (C) 2005 by Arvydas Juskaitis. You can send a message to the author here.

The software was released under BSD License. You may view the full copyright text at

FinancialTracker is a simple income / expense tracking application for home or small office. It is easy to add records to a database by using web-based interface and later to generate various reports by selected criteria. The software provides several features, including but not limited to user-defined categories, access control with user management, data backup, etc. For data storage PostgreSQL or Oracle DBMS must be installed. To provide web interface, Apache with PHP4 support is running on server side. Some command-line utilities are provided to help with database maintenance.

Download and Install:
Project Summary contains links to download page, just take the latest source code, unpack, read INSTALL file and follow instructions there.


Date Version Changes
2005-01-28 0.0.1 Enter into project planing stage.